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10 October 2008

When I Look at the Stars, I see Someone Else

Tonight, was awesome. The stars are so beautiful; so creative! Can you imagine creating a star? And being the first one to do it? Man alive. Lying on the rooftop of the Jeep, listening to music both sad and sweet, star gazing, being able to watch the moon's progress as it inched along the sky through the trees, imagining what would be goin on in the moon-light-lite woods if I wasn't in this world. thinking of creating a star...I think I could have stayed for hours if it hadn't been for the necessity of a human moment to eat...and do physics. Actually, lying out there I began to think about physics (oh, it's sad) and what if what everyone thinks is tue about physics, actually isn't and all this stuff we spend time memorizing and learning actually doesn't mean a thing except that we humans know what another human is talking about and that maybe other humans would rather not have a conversation about their velocity and gravity and why things move the way they do and what the scaler mesurment of that thing is but instead they would like to lie under the stars and listen to Evanesence and gorgeous piano music and just enjoy the feeling of soccer being played in raquetball rooms and your sweaty shirt sticking to your back and thinking of joy and reading into lyrics too hard and being a stupid, pathetic, cold, over emotional person and to just cry with the stars and watch the moon rise?