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06 November 2008

someday, we'll know why Sampson loved Delilah...

but that day, is not today.  no, today is the day that:
  •  I found out Mary is in the blog world.  And that's a happy thought.  hey Mary my dearheart... :^)  
  • I had a trig test.  It was rotten tomatoe-ish (the really gross kind).  No comments.  
  • God had something perfect planned.  And it happened.  Like always.  :D
  • I actually played this awesome piano piece with less horrid notes that usual..and I can't even play the piano!  
  • I heard Emory play said song in a much more marvelously musical (there's some alliteration for you) way and with waaaaay more in rhythm and all that jazz than I.
  • Had some bagel bites.  They were good.  
  • Lost it.  I really lost it.  I have no words, or how to deal with it.  It was stupid.  I honestly don't know what to say.   
  • That my day will end with sleep; it hasn't done that for awhile.  A long while.  I'm looking forward to it...
He gives His loved ones sleep...


Charity said...

Like ALWAYS! Glad you saw some of God's wonderful grace today.

I saw bagle bites in the store the other day. I haven't had them in YEARS. WE SHOULD EAT SOME TOGETHER!!!

Miss you.

Me, Myself, and I said...

YES WE SHOULD!!! i miss you more. a lot more. especially than before. i'm not making sense any more. good night...