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24 December 2008

some people end up with all the brains in their head and funny quotes spewing from their lips

Does everyone have trouble with their sinuses?  Because I was at, now let's see, I think it was Meijer, yeah it was Meijer, and I saw this guy with huge, I mean huge nostrils.  Seriously!  Probably close to an inch and a quarter!   And I was left there thinking, "man, this guy is alright ::gives thumbs up sign::.  He has nice big,  clear sinuses.  Why'd I end up with such small ones?"  I wished I'd had my cellphone so I could have taken a picture 'cause no one believes me!  I mean they had to be an inch and a quarter!!  
    --someone whom i'm glad to call my brother in Christ


# 47 said...

Merry Christmas, my dear!!!!

And Hahahahoho! That's quite a quote! I was trying to figure out who said it!!!

Caroline said...

Hey! So sorry I haven't been around other blogs in ages! Sure, you can add me to blog roll. Can I add you to mine?
Nappy New Year!

Mary said...

Hiiiii. I'm visiting you here. haha, niice quote. I wonder who said it.....:P

Mel and Abby said..., that's hilarious! :)

Mel and Abby said...

hahaha, that made me laugh ALOT!!!