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28 January 2009

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

We went night sledding. It was dark . It was cold. There were loud, hilarious teenage boys freezing their toes off and daring each other to do ridiculous and daring slides off of cliffs. We had hot chocolate. It was wonderful. We are going tomorrow after school, Ethan, Bradon, and I. Afterwards, I'm going to Addie's for a game night with the college kids and older high scholars from Sycamore RPC. Beforehand, I am taking one monstrous Trig test. boohyeah. I actually am feeling stoked/good vibes about this one. It's all about triangles, their lines, and their angles. It's pretty intense. Post-Afterwards, (Friday) Mum, Ethan and I are going AGAIN to Maconaqua Park and moving with great velocity and force (p=mv) in the downward vertical motion (negative) on a frictionless surface ( μk=o?? i think..) and atop plastic/metal frictionless pieces to time our fastest record (no averaging, we are leaving that for Physics class--not to be taken out of the classroom you understand). There will again be hot chocolate. Post-post-after-afterwards, we are continuing with tradition (of after-sleddingness) by going to Harvey's where we will eat, drink and be merry while dropping off applications (and eating their fabulous after-diner-mints!)

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