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11 March 2009

enjoy the tastiest green

which has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  but i hate titles and so they rarely have anything to do with...well, anything anyway Max once said, "LET THE WLD RUPUS BEGIN!"  :D


today marks the 13th year that i have been an older sister.  Ethan Joseph, my adorable "little" brother (hey, i'm still a bit taller! ;) ), came into my life and happily, it's ever been the same since.  we have the most fun times together...late night cookie baking with Mika, Weezer, Sarah Brightman, and out-loud story reading; racing to the car after a twosome grocery trip (yep, lugging the laundry soap, milk, cheezits and all!); "flying" the car with the widows rolled down even if it's raining and cold, listening to music at full blast and screaming out the lyrics (when we can, usually he makes me laugh too hard to ;) ); amusing me with his long and detailed stories whenever there is silence and time to talk about it; playing clue, sorry with all four slots filled (;)), battling for the top score in Pacman and Pinball, and Star Wars Battle Front (even though I suck, he deals with it); watching ridiculous movies at ridiculous hours (Mamma Mia!  Kung Fu Panda! Newsies in two different rooms at the same time!!!); always listening to my complaints and happy comments in the car or in my room for hours; the best little bro/uncle/Brian Regan impersonator i know; so stinking creative with stories and such, it's not even funny; so sweet and kind.  Ethan, i'm so glad God blessed me with the responsibility of being an older sister to such a little man as you.  Love you Pinocchio!  Can't wait to see where you go in life.  

love always and forever, really and truly,
Le-Man ;)      


aswine said...

Not that I've had one, but you have the best little brother ever.

the green sharpie! said...

pretty much ;)