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02 March 2009

those conversations that are in a category all of their own

and even that category is unknown. my, how my head spins with confusion after these. lately, whether my parents are just thinking a lot about their next-to-last-kid turning 18 or i've done a lot that causes them worry or what else i know not what, i've been getting several random strange talks about, well, i'm not really sure. sometimes, it starts out as nothing but turns into a marriage conversation (how, i haven't the's really weird...). other times, it feels like i'm getting told something in a secret code, but i don't have the code book to decipher the meaning to these words (of wisdom, i can feel the vibes!). like today, i was innocently eating my dinner when all the sudden the friendly banter flying around the kitchen turned into the wackiest, inspirational, motivational, your-growing-up-but-you-aren't-yet-and-you-don't-have-to-do-something-different-and-18ish-just-because-you're-almost-18 talk ever (i'm not even kidding!) all with a side of be your own person and another marriage talk. which was really confusing because..well, i thought i was my own person and i know of nothing changing though i know God has something in store and what with all these "what kind of person you should marry" talks...? strangeness. anyways, someone (today mum, which again was odd) usually ends up with tears (i think joy/pride/foot cramps?) and earnest staring into my face at which i try to look smart and brave and totally up to whatever i'm supposed to do...whatever that is. i'm still trying to figure out the code. so anyways, here i am, at this earlier-lateish-hour, eating pistachios, filling out this new month's calendar with my awesome many coloured sharpies, and even though i'm hacking away something awful and sniffing atrociously, i have experience God's beautiful and perfect grace today and despite confusion and all else, i am satisfied.

one code i have figured out though, thanks to is the stike threw throogh through. hurrah! i'm so proud of me. that one's been a long time coming. :^)


Mary said...

I truly now how all that goes. Stand strong in the Lord and He will provide everything within His Will, including that special guy :)

I loves you.

the green sharpie! said...

indeed. even when i don't understand the code words ;) haha. well, maybe :P

love you too my mary!