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10 April 2009

tales of w[h]o[a]e

yeah, i didn't really get it either...

someday, i will decide.

i may not be certain,

but i will at least have made a choice.

i will have thrust my own brush out onto the world's canvas and began to make my mark

it will be cool green

bursting orange

skimming yellow

fiery red

and glowing gold

it will sing all favorite songs at once

hum all the beauteous melodies and harmonies simultaneously

it will have it’s own theme-song, ever changing and completely and utterly original—unlike anything ever heard

it will be confident with certainty and direction

instead of tracing random patterns and shapes absentmindedly,

it will create a new piece of art: unique, with ideas never seen before

striving for Perfection,

i'll swim against the current and all the normalities of this life and be entirely content

my decision won't be perfect--

i will fall and flop against the sand, heart pounding; feeling like one more step will kill me

but i will rise again and keep running till the end:

happy in my choice

------[an absentminded school-mate]

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