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06 April 2009

some life-altering words were uttered @ the Doctor's office on Monday

i found out that i suffer from a condition called carcolespsy. it's a problem i've faced for years and just assumed it was a little human "problem" and nothing serious to worry about. however, the last few years it's gotten steadily worse and happens to me without warning and i rarely show any warning signs before it hits. the doctor told me that it's a condition i'll have the rest of my life and there are no cures known.

Pronounced: Kar-ko-lep-see

The inability to stay awake and alert when in a car, or any other thing that moves, such as trains, planes, and busses.

The act of passing out while in a car regardless of passenger or driver status.

example: Roadtrip? Count me in, but I can't drive. I have carcolepsy and we'd all die.

i'm doomed.


ben j. said...

you goober. I was all worried about leukemia or some random heart disease. oh. she sleeps. nevermind.
huh. wonder why I assume the worst? mountains out of molehills...
Well I hope you enjoyed yourself, you perfectly-ok perkins. Made me all moody... for the 5 seconds it took me to finish reading your post.

Now I'm laughing.

the green sharpie! said...

nevermind? do you have any idea how bad this is for me? i get myself into so much trouble from my sleep addiction...

hehe, i think i did enjoy myself. most definitely. now i'm laughing too.

and i'm off to sleep. :P

[you do get on blogger yet! ha! i knew it...]