trying something new?

29 May 2009

a day

1 new hair cut
2 cats in a cat fight
3 new highlight colors (and 3 awesome chicken/spinach/yellow pepper salads! yum!)
4 days since i've seen Dad
5 days till Em and i go on a road trip
6 wispy clouds that are calling me out to watch...
7 bacon bits in my pasta salad
8 what time me and Cody got off work...promptly for once ;)
9 what time is was 49 minutes ago
(10) is twice the amount of blog "posts" (:P) i've had during the month of May
11 awesome pictures that someone else took
12 days (almost!) till i leave for Washington D.C. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

the amount of laughter in Subway tonight???? most definitely cannot be counted.....we were pretty much falling over with Cody's "serenading" :P i love that kid. he's a sunshiney day and a half. yay for sunshine and bear hugs and serenading and last days of school!!! which pretty much has to do all with that Bundle of Smiles so i guess yay for Cody! :0)


Charity said...

I've missed reading your blog! I have slipped out of the blogging world, and I am only now stepping one tiny toe back into it!

Where are you going on your road trip?? I want to go on a road trip with my sisters...

Glad to see you're still the same cheerful, chipper girl I remember (and haven't seen in ohsolong!!!).

p.s. I STILL have something for you. So come visit me and get it!!
p.p.s. Are you covfamikoiing??? June 15-19! Hurry! Come!

the green sharpie! said...

aw, i'm pretty awful at keeping up with reading blogs or typing anything worth reading on mine! but i'm glad you're roaming blogger world again :)

i know! we need to get together. once i get my car back...

p.s.s i wanted to go but i was in Washington D.C.! it was so awesome! i can't wait to tell you some stories! :D