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25 May 2009

silver gladiator sandals and 5 am runs

and peach ice tea and chewy sour jolly ranchers and poetry and stars and flowers and knowing God and musicals and new dresses and the best most picture perfect sandwiches and siblings are some of the best Living you can do.

i haven't a clue really how to begin to explain this...but the best i can do is to try to write this out and remember this for myself. ::sigh:: people. sometimes, i wish i could just make everything better for some of those people who really are living in the world and not just puttering on through trying to get out of the "hell-hole" they think they are in or make it big or get through the week of school and subs to drink and mess around during the week-end. (note: difference between puttering, living, and Living [and in that order].) i've had at least two people say to me, "i have no life because...." (school's over, no job, no fun and games 24/7, whatever other reason of their choice). it makes me really sad that they think this.

i was talking to this absolutely dear liver this week (unfortunately not a Liver, but someday, she might just work this out), and she said she had no life. now, she has no Life, but she does have a life. just because she has some standards and isn't always doing something fun she thinks she doesn't have a life. i didn't even realize it, but i pretty much started yelling at her (in the most friendly not too loud way of course :) ). okay, maybe not a yell-yell, but it worked me up.

Ginnie is a wonderful, caring, sweet, smart, girl who writes gorgeous poetry, has the most gentle voice and lovely smile, sings constantly (even while taking out the trash!), loves her little sister to pieces and truly thinks about things. she doesn't have the source of Life, but she's living life pretty well. she is not lifeless. yet, she seems to think so. i asked her what a person with life was then if she wasn't. she told me someone who had fun.

someone working hard with no "fun" in the middle of craziness can have more life and be living more life than someone who's up on top of it all having a blast and everyone else thinks that they have it all and are living life. i wish Ginnie could see this. anyway, it 3:03 am and i'm eating a yellow pepper and watching Mama Mia! and wearing some silver gladiator sandals on my bed and thinking about some dear people 43 miles+ away and how i was planning to get up in 2 hours to run....mmmmmaybe not anymore....and for the love of all that is green and the makers of gold fish crackers, i'm living Life, and it's good!

so, i close this crazy rant of mixed-up, disorganized spiel of thoughts and say good morning! :0)


aswine said...

Hm... Sounds like she need to read this one John Piper book...
BTW, If you haven't noticed, his latest sermon is on John 3:30. I haven't watched it yet, but I know that's one of your favorites.

the green sharpie! said...


i hadn't noticed yet...but i get the podcast automatically downloaded into my itunes...i'll have to go check it out. yes it is! :)

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