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03 November 2009

i don't know if this is funny out of context or not...but it was hysterical in! :P

zack: you don't understand! i need this paper job! the only other option is the marching band!!

cody: whats wrong with the marching band?

zack: the only instrument left is the glockenspiel!

cody: what’s wrong with the glockenspiel?

zack: nobody would ever go out with a guy who plays the glockenspiel!

cody: look, i'm trying to run a newspaper here, not your love life!

zack: if you don't give me a job, i'll keep making scary monster sounds while your sleeping!

cody: you're Mr.Spooky-head?!
……………..later in the episode……………….
cody: oh, this is great! you exploit me and my paper, manipulate a girl, then abandon me, destroy my paper and STILL get the girl?!

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