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15 February 2010

I am loved.

I saw it when I opened my eyes to the most adorable rose I think I shall ever see, from a darling friend.

I tasted it in the goodness of that valentinely wrapped Reese Cup among the conversation hearts (oh yeah baby!).

I was overcome by it when the King of all Kings, the God of heaven, the Creator of the Universe took all of my filth and mud and stink and ugliness and rebelliousness upon Himself and conquered death so that I wouldn't have to experience it myself. This is Love.

If I have the spectacular skill to speak the languages of men and angels, but I am without love, I am only that loud annoying gong on that Chinese game show or a crashing cymbal that's played at the wrong time and ruins the song. If I am given the gift of prophecy, and nothing is unknown to me, I'm like Sherlock Holmes and solving all mysteries and I hold all knowledge in my hands; and if I contain all the faith I ever could, so much that I could move mountains with a word, but completely empty in love, I am nothing. If I sacrifice my possessions and give up all I own to those who have nothing, and sacrifice my body by throwing myself into a pit of fire, but do not do it out of love, I gain nothing!

Love is long-suffering.

Love is kind and not jealous.

Love is not a braggart nor prideful.

Love would NEVER act unbecomingly.

Love does not look out for It's own interests.

Love is not baited by ignorant, childish ways.

Love does not remember wrongs done to It.

Love does not take joy in sin.

Love is exhilarated when the truth is proclaimed!

Love bears all things with a good attitude.

Love believes the best about all things.

Love hopes all things, even if the outlook is bleak.

Love endures all things, even when it is impossible:


[First Corinthians 13:1-8a LeahNardosKindaParaphrasedAndReallyAkwardTranslation]

09 February 2010

Oh man, I just may have to marry Julian Smith...

Yep, think I might.

02 February 2010

my plans in comic strip: