trying something new?

18 April 2010

Can we be friends,

Sunshine Boy? Please? You make me smile.

Some people just hold tight to that likeable quality. How do they do it? I know people who all are all equally life-givers, life-lovers, but not all share life the same way. Some definetly have the skill. What makes Star Girl and Sunshine Boy the people grabbers? What can I do to be Star Girl?

02 April 2010


I have now:
  • seen someone utterly and completely jam out in their car, air drumming out the window like their was no tomorrow.
  • while walking out of biology, nearly been run over by skateboarding, iPod listening boy. it looked so enjoyable i almost asked for lessons...but i was wearing a dress. i could see that not working out. so i let him skate off in the other direction with me just standing there wondering why i didn't put on jeans that morning...
  • experienced as much joy as humanly possible from some orange daisies.
  • slept for 23.9 hours of the day, stayed up for .001 hrs, and then felt exhausted and returned to sleep.
  • witnessed Justin stomp without warning on that pseudo-ladybug...and cheered quietly afterwards.
  • been asked in perfect seriousness if i was naturally clumsy and if it was the reason i stopped taking ballet lessons. Alex, your honest bluntness is very endearing. can i keep you as a little brother forever even though you're older than me?
  • yelled across a full cafeteria, "YES YOU DID!"
  • given two crappy side-hugs in a row to the same person and one for real one.
  • gone to Steak&Shake and did NOT get a milkshake.
  • confirmed that someone who "lol"ed, did in fact, have an audible chuckle.
  • decided that whatever has been enjoying living in my lungs for weeks, doesn't taste good at all.
  • watched a movie where Poppy, (yes, Poppy!!!), wore her boots everywhere too. despite what her driving instructor said. so, ha Kevin. take that.
  • made someone's day with a spork. yes my friends, that is all that's needed. just one spork.