trying something new?

02 April 2010


I have now:
  • seen someone utterly and completely jam out in their car, air drumming out the window like their was no tomorrow.
  • while walking out of biology, nearly been run over by skateboarding, iPod listening boy. it looked so enjoyable i almost asked for lessons...but i was wearing a dress. i could see that not working out. so i let him skate off in the other direction with me just standing there wondering why i didn't put on jeans that morning...
  • experienced as much joy as humanly possible from some orange daisies.
  • slept for 23.9 hours of the day, stayed up for .001 hrs, and then felt exhausted and returned to sleep.
  • witnessed Justin stomp without warning on that pseudo-ladybug...and cheered quietly afterwards.
  • been asked in perfect seriousness if i was naturally clumsy and if it was the reason i stopped taking ballet lessons. Alex, your honest bluntness is very endearing. can i keep you as a little brother forever even though you're older than me?
  • yelled across a full cafeteria, "YES YOU DID!"
  • given two crappy side-hugs in a row to the same person and one for real one.
  • gone to Steak&Shake and did NOT get a milkshake.
  • confirmed that someone who "lol"ed, did in fact, have an audible chuckle.
  • decided that whatever has been enjoying living in my lungs for weeks, doesn't taste good at all.
  • watched a movie where Poppy, (yes, Poppy!!!), wore her boots everywhere too. despite what her driving instructor said. so, ha Kevin. take that.
  • made someone's day with a spork. yes my friends, that is all that's needed. just one spork.


Ruby said...

Car-jamming is amazing. I will happily admit to being a car-jammer.

I wish I had my very own sound-proof room :)

Your thoughts are interesting. And I like the colours :) feel free to drop bye and say hello sometime.

92' LiMiTz said...
peep it